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About us is the online distributor for the sale of components and spare parts for operators on agriculture and environmental services, our goal is to reach directly to the consumer/end user, bringing the sale to the general public B2C.
Our experience over 40 years in the field of equipment for agriculture, industry and environmental services allows us to offer you online spare parts and components for the design, construction, repair and maintenance of your equipment - for agricultural use (manure spreader vacuum tanks, trailers generally) and for civil and industrial use (equipment for suction and high pressure cleaning, hazardous waste transport (ADR standard), washing streets, etc.). – with quality, low and convenient price, as quickly as possible.
The main brands for which can offer spare parts and new equipment are:
- PRATISSOLI: piston pumps for high pressure cleaning, components and spare parts
- COMET (HPP and already SPAGGIARI): piston pumps for high pressure cleaning, components and spare parts
- BATTIONI PAGANI PUMPE: vacuum pumps, components and spare parts
- METALTECNICA-MZ: gate valves, valves, components and spare parts
- INTERPUMP HYDRAULICS (PZB): PTO and hydraulic equipment for industrial vehicles, components and spare parts
- OMSI TRANSMISSIONS: PTO for trucks, components and spare parts
Our prices are very affordable compared to the price of spare parts purchased by the dealer, because we buy directly from the manufacturer and the material is up to you without any intermediate steps.
Our staff can reply to your concerns by offering the support of qualified technicians.
When you can not find the product you are looking for, send us a detailed email, indicating more information you can, better with photos attached. We will reply as soon as possible.